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The new mantra of today’s times is “Do It Yourself”. Everyone wants to do their own thing. It’s caught on fast and affected almost every industry. However, in the law recruitment industry, it is not advisable to jump the gun with this approach. Recruitment is an art. Not everyone can manage to achieve what a recruiter does. Recruitment professionals usually do not focus on entry-level recruitment. That phase is generally handled at the law school level.

Lawyers who want to use this approach towards looking for a new opportunity should first understand the basic concepts of job searching. They need to understand that searching for a job is not an easy task. You have to put a lot of effort to look for almost all the attorney jobs that are available in the legal job market. More than effort, the legal contacts that recruiters have, is invaluable for the job seeker. The recruiters are privy to insider information, which the job seeker would never acquire.

Most people think that they can easily handle their legal job search and they do not require assistance from any recruiter to help them in their search. But A. Harrison Barnes of rejects this view. He strongly believes without the help of a professional recruiter, your job search is incomplete. You can update yourself with information in the legal job market but you cannot gauge what exactly the law firms are looking for in the candidates. Understanding the market as a whole is not possible for a job seeker. For any minute details you would require, you have to depend upon a recruiter. provides you with recruiters who will update you with the smallest of detail you would like to know about the legal job market. They will regularly keep you updated with every change in the law job market scenario.

The recruiters at, a website created and owned by A. Harrison Barnes, act not only as consultants, but also as career guides Their main goal is to help the legal job seekers in their search for the opportunity they want. If you were to research and try and gain information on legal job opportunities, you would succeed with a maximum of three to four firms from your own network but the recruiter will update you with information from all the available firms. They are the cutting edge of research and their contact database is vast. will help you get access to as many legal firms as possible. The recruiters are updates regularly with all the breaking news in the law job market in order to serve you better. They help you understand the whole industry, not just a couple of firms. This gives you a better idea of the kind of competition you may face while applying for a job.

A. Harrison Barnes says that there are many law firms that approach recruiters to find the best candidate for their company even though it involves a certain fee. They believe that with the help of their knowledge and contacts, the recruiters can help them find the perfect attorney for their firm. Hence, in spite of the feels which recruiters levy, law firms are happy to pay with the assurance that the recruiters can deliver with the right kind of jobs.

You may approach a law firm for an opportunity but chances are that you might get rejected if the application is not made at the right time. They will reject your resume if they are not interested in your experience and if your resume and credentials are not presented in the right way. These firms keep a record of rejected candidates and thus you will not be able to apply again. Without the right information, you can miss the perfect opportunity. You will never understand the correct time to apply if you try it yourself, but a recruiter will always submit your flawless application at the correct time. An application submitted at the correct time will help you grab the offer you are waiting for.

Some lawyers lessen their choice of field or work environment and search for a job accordingly. These limitations do not allow them to effective look for opportunities and thus they miss many of them. A. Harrison Barnes says that this way many lawyers tend to lose the deserving opportunities. But the recruiters of will help you understand your priorities and limitations better. They will be able to guide you with respect to the environment of the law recruitment industry or the law job that is perfect for you.

Many law firms do not pay importance to candidates who apply directly. These firms prefer working with recruiters to get the attorney of choice for their company. A. Harrison Barnes’s is one such job portal, which shares an excellent relationship with the law firms as they are assured that they will get the finest employees for their legal organization from These firms believe in the quality candidates that are referred by Thus, the law firms make sure that they continue their professional relationship with these recruiters in spite of the fees charged, for future recruitment.

Thus finding your legal job with is beneficial for both– the law firms and the attorney job seekers. You can understand from the above-mentioned examples the importance of a professional recruitment guide. Experts are after all experts is A. Harrison Barnes says.

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