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Many grandparents might wonder if they can gain custody of their grandchildren. Why would a grandparent want to raise children in their old age? Many grandparents decide to raise their grandkids because the parents for some reason are unable to do so. In many cases, the child’s parents might not be able to raise their children for financial reasons. That parent might have to move to a different location to obtain work, or to take advantage of some other sort of opportunity. Therefore, they will leave the child with the grandparent to be raised until they are doing better financially, and can send for their child again. In cases like these, it’s important for the grand parent to have legal rights to take care of the child properly. For example, a grand parent might have to take the child to the doctor, and certainly the child will have to go to school. Even though the grandparent has physical custody of the child, they don’t have legal custody of the child, and they need the legal rights to be able to do things such as take the child to the doctor or to school. When a person takes a Job in Legal Apprenticeship, they might have to assist grandparents seeking custody.

The fact is as it stands right now, grandparents don’t have great many legal rights over children. There are certain extreme circumstances in which a grand parent might be able to receive custody of their grandchildren. The most common reason why a grand parent can get custody is if both of the parents die. Since they are the next living relatives, they will more than likely receive custody in the case of both parents being dead. Legal apprenticeship will allow a new legal professional to learn more about these laws.

Another reason why a parent might be able to gain custody of the child, is if there is cases of abuse. If a child is being abused, then social workers will get involved. Many grandparents will want to prevent their grandchildren from being put into foster care, so they will apply for custody to raise their grandchildren. However, many times this doesn’t work out. Both the parents have to be deemed as unfit. If one of the parents is able to take care of the child, then custody of the child will go from one parent to the other. Therefore, the grand parent won’t be able to take immediate legal custody of the child.

It’s very important that the grand parents understand that both of the child’s parent has to lose their parental rights in order for them to even have a chance of winning custody of the child. Otherwise, they won’t be able to gain custody. If the grandparents want more information on this, than the best thing for them to do is to consult with a lawyer. A lawyer will use office staff that participate in legal apprenticeship to assist grand parents. Otherwise, they will have no legal recourse in being able to take custody of their grandkids at all.

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