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With unemployment rates rising and the recession market affecting jobs it has become difficult to procure a job that provides security and stability (financial). Quoting from the Hindu scriptures – ‘Nothing is stable, everything keeps on changing’; the same can be said about the job scenario today. This has resulted in a confused crowd where people do not know what to do with their degrees and experience in hand. Better still; the confusion is regarding – where to apply! Not that there is a dearth of newer avenues, but everything seems to be saturated and hugely competitive. Hence, a mix of attitude and expertise, coupled with a mindset of working smart is required that will help you find a job that suits you.

  • Be Precise and Clear about your ambitions and goals: Please be honest with yourself. Try not to follow the general trend only because of the fact that many people are taking that up as their career. Be sure and clear about what you expect from life. Also, take care that the answers are not too vague like – ‘I want to be hugely successful later on’. Define ‘success’ for yourself and plan ahead. Since the situation has become hugely competitive, you need to be one who can plan ahead, well in advance.

One of the greatest setbacks (reasons) of not having secured a good job is – dissatisfaction. Look for a job that is not just high paying. Look at something that you enjoy doing.

  • The internet is the best place to start with: The internet has brought to us a vast cache of resources. The internet is an ideal place where you can get to know everything about a job that you want to. The following point is a detailed corollary to this.
  • Research: The best way to research is to use the internet. One must research on the kind of job he or she is going to have before committing themselves to the same. Having adequate research with you will also help you sound convincing enough about the employer who might pick you above the rest owing to your sense of general awareness.
  • Build a resume that is not too loud but at the same time, catchy at its best: One of the exercise that you must complete before hand is a resume building one. You must build your resume with professional help because these days, appointments are being made on the basis of the same. You resume is a clear indicator of whether you get the job or not!

Confidence is the key, even when applying online: Be sure with the kind of job you have to do when applying for the same. You can be a part of a medical research team but you have to sound and appear confident at all times. Confidence gives you the wings to soar higher and much above the rest. One last secret to be shared here – ‘Employers are biased towards confident people!’

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