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It is not easy to achieve success in a legal career. To achieve success you need to work hard and not rely on luck. Any person who relies only on luck is definitely fooling himself or herself. Success does not come to you, you need to reach out and work towards it. You will be wrong to believe that successful people are at a particular position only because of their luck but because of their effort, efficiency, dedication, determination, self belief and their hard work they deserve to be there.

Believe in Yourself: According to A. Harrison Barnes the most important thing that is necessary to be successful is self belief because nothing works if you don’t believe in yourself. You can make a lot of strategies and do everything that needs to be done to achieve success in your attorney career but it will be of no help unless you have faith in your capabilities, your performance, your talents and your skills. If you want people to value you, then you need to value yourself first.

Set Goals: The base of a successful legal career starts from the time you start working. From the very first day of your job you need to know exactly what do you want and how you can achieve it. For this you have to set goals, both short term and long term goals, for yourself. Short term goal should be for between 6 months and 3 years whereas the long term goal should be above 5 years. A. Harrison Barnes, the owner of BCG says that your success in achieving the short term goal will determine your success in achieving your long term goal.

Self Assessment: The first thing that you need to do is self assessment. Self assessment will tell you about the skills, talents and capabilities that you have within yourself. According to A. Harrison Barnes this process will help you realize your weaknesses and your strengths. . Once you are aware of the skills, you can further work hard on polishing them as this is necessary if you want to be the best at your work. You must be proficient in legal documentation and must have good communication skills apart from knowledge about your specialized area of law.

Improve the Areas you Lack: Through self assessment you become aware of the places where you lack and can start to work on improving those areas. The best person to guide you to help you improve and polish your skills in those particular areas is a mentor who is specialized in those areas.

Be Academically Proficient: If you require any training in any particular area then get it as soon as possible as this will place you at a better position than your co-workers. The legal employers today ask for attorneys who have specialized at a particular area. Thus as A. Harrison Barnes says that if you have specialized in that field then you will definitely be in demand and this will help add a boom to your legal career.

Be Positive: A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you should be positive and efficient in whatever you do. This will help you finish your task before the deadline. This way you will be given more challenges and responsibility than your colleagues and if you can perform well then you will be appreciated by your employers. Give your best and your performance will speak before the employers.

You may be working in a team but you will be able to deliver your best only with a positive attitude. This way you will be able to produce a high level of work and will definitely catch the eye of the employer.

Work Processes:

Observe your law firms work methods and make a list of improvement areas. Besides each improvement areas think about the best possible solution. You can then suggest these to the higher management and explain them the advantages of following your suggestions. They may or may not accept your suggestions, but this should not stop you from doing your bit.

More suggestions according to A. Harrison Barnes for legal career advancement are to be in touch with important people in the , contributing towards the legal firm’s success, and going for higher education.

Your hard work will definitely pay you with good and positive results. These few things will definitely improve your attorney career wherein you will be able to reach your goals.

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