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A. Harrison Barnes and BCG Search has changed the job search landscape ever since its inception in 2001. Everyday job openings are posted and you may have no idea they exist. Why? Many employers refuse to post jobs if they have to pay a fee. What sets BCG Search apart of the rest of the job search sites is that the staff works their you know what’s off finding jobs of all kinds. A. Harrison Barnes has offered advice, suggestions, job search tips and anything else you could possible want to know about the job search market. The job market can be a dark scary place. You may feel like you are wondering around in a dark forest without supplies, food and warm clothing. A. Harrison Barnes has made the job market less scary and provided the public with all the tools necessary to find and keep the career you want. Once you found the career change you wanted – perhaps for your entire life, you must possess the necessary job skills to ensure you thrive in your new position.

BCG Search doesn’t offer just potential career choices, but also advice such as advancement, job market, goal setting, life lessons, tips on how to stay positive, general life lessons, employment do’s and don’ts and many helpful blogs which are updated frequently by the head honcho himself – CEO and founder of CareerMission, A. Harrison Barnes.

There are over 100 different under the CareerMission umbrella that is dedicated to a specific field of choice. What other sites do you know that solely focus on a single what type of career? There are man job search sites on the world wide web but none like BCG Search.

There are numerous, honest testimonials on BCG Search that show how people enjoy using the BCG Search service. When searching for a job, stay motivated is very difficult. Why? When you constantly find jobs that are “okay” and pay little, keeping a positive mind set is a difficult thing to do. BCG Search weeds out the “less then stellar jobs” and only provides you with the topnotch jobs you will be more then happy to have.

The longer you wait for a job the more desperate you become, therefore, the more likely you will take a job that you don’t want. BCG Search has helped countless job seekers find jobs that meet all their criteria such as pay grade and location.

BCG Search staff takes pride in providing the best service possible in order for you to make an easy, bump free transition from one job to another. BCG Search will also help you build your resume to ensure it is presented in a professional manner. If you are ever skeptical is paying for a “job search site” you have a right to be. Many of them make promises they just can’t keep. BCG Search can’t promise you a six-figure income job within the day you sign up – but the BCG Search team will help you as best they can.

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