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Many of us can describe the job hunt, and especially within the legal field, as anything but quiet. It’s messy, loud, demanding and aggressive. But there should also be down time too, says A. Harrison Barnes, founder of If you can’t find time to reflect – whether you’re gearing up to take the state bar exam or preparing yourself for the first courtroom battle of your career or if you’re looking for new job opportunities- you miss out on what your instincts tell you. Our intuition and instincts are crucial – even if we can’t quantify them. Not only that, but as humans living in a digital and electronic world where we’re always deluged, it’s important for our sense of sanity. Technology is incredible, says Barnes, but not losing sight of who we are always trumps technology.

In one survey conducted by a nationally known research group, the question was posed to lawyers looking for a new job: “If you knew you were about to be offered an incredible job opportunity with a prestigious law firm and the call would be coming two days from now, would you take tomorrow and just rest, catch your breath and spend quiet time?” The answer was a resounding “Absolutely!” But when asked if there were only a strong probability of receiving a job offer in two days, would they still take a day away from their “always on” lives? Not surprisingly, the lawyers responded that it wouldn’t be an option. Even when a follow up question was posed, “Would you allow yourself a quiet leisurely lunch with a strong probability of a job offer the next day?”, the results were still an overwhelming no.

“It’s all about perspective”, says A. Harrison Barnes. In fact, that was one of his driving forces for creating He says it was important for any legal job to be current. If it’s showing as available, it should be available. This allows law students looking for internships and seasoned attorneys looking for the new challenge in their legal careers to rest assured the information they’re receiving is current and accurate.

The importance of down time is crucial in more ways than one. The American Medical Society says stress that is ongoing, such as what job seekers experience, is bad for one’s physical health, too. It presents as headaches, loss of appetite, upset stomachs and a host of other physical ailments. When we’re living from one crisis to the next, our bodies aren’t allowed that time to come down and decompress. Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day, this downtime is important; unfortunately, too many of us don’t even allow ourselves those brief moments.

Barnes says it best, “The solutions are often discovered when we’re quiet and not distracted by the outside factors”. It’s truly about having faith in the process and knowing the right career path is the one you’re on – it’s just a matter of allowing the right job on that path to present itself. So take those few moments each day and allow those answers to reveal themselves.

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