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The patent paralegals are required to protect ideas. The field of patent law is considered to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the field of legal profession. The patent paralegals, part of the patent law firm, is required to undertake a variety of functions.

Functions performed by the patent paralegals:

A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of has focused on several functions performed by the patent paralegals and they are as follows:

• The patent paralegals are required to provide effectual litigation support in all the different stages of the process of litigation. This function of the patent paralegal is performed under the supervision of a lawyer. • The paralegal employed in the legal profession, is required to carry out extensive research work says A. Harrison Barnes. They carry out research work on the cases that are handled by the patent law firm or by the patent lawyer. For this, the paralegal is required to perform a thorough research in the validity of the claims for unproved ideas. The research work also helps the patent paralegal to correspond with the U.S. Patent Office on a regular basis. • The inventor in the patent is given a fixed period of time. • The paralegal analyzes and prepares review information on the cases pertaining to court and legal issues. • Planning and organization forms an important part of the functions performed by the paralegals. The paralegals are responsible for maintaining updated, precise, comprehensive and thorough records in a planned and organized manner. These records need to be stored in accordance with the legal ethics, standards and rules. • He must assist an attorney in discovering and preparing the case at hand. • Paralegals conduct interviews with clients and the witnesses when the need arises. • The patent paralegals must be proficient in multi tasking and must be able to handle legal responsibilities when ever assigned. • A patent specialist helps in making visual packages, prepares patent file history and portfolio summaries. He also helps in preparing divisional and continuation applications. • They also review applications for entirety and technical accuracy. Apart from this, they transmit temporary patent applications. • Another function also includes filing of U.S., global, and overseas patent applications and associated correspondence, staying updated about the latest news, and periodical review of the attorney docket.

Patent paralegals may work in different kinds of law firms says A. Harrison Barnes of They may work in small firms with 1 or 2 attorneys; they may also serve larger groups containing hundreds of lawyers. There are also cases where the patent paralegals have worked for patent agents, assisting investors for obtaining a copyright for their proposal.

Educational qualification for patent paralegals:

The patent paralegals are required to have an Associate’s degree or degree from any junior law college to become a patent paralegal. Some of the patent paralegals may hold bachelors degree and still continue in the legal profession. Some of the other requirements include five years or a work experience of more than five years. The patent lawyers must be in the patent sector for at least three years. The paralegal must be competent enough to handle work priorities well and within the stipulated date lines. The paralegals need to be computer savvy and well versed with MSWord, Outlook, and Excel. The paralegals however are not required to possess any certificate or license. Some of the paralegals, if they choose to, can obtain specific diploma from National Association of Legal Assistants, National Federation of Paralegals Association, or American Alliance of Certified Paralegals, says A. Harrison Barnes of

According to the statistical data released by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for paralegals may increase by about 22% over the next couple of years. The patent law field has been one of the fastest growing streams of work in the legal job market says A. Harrison Barnes. Increased awareness among the civilians about intellectual property rights, and patents has further expanded the field of patent law. The patent paralegals, also called patent secretaries or patent specialists, are responsible for handling administrative work concerning patent inventions. They are frequently employed in universities, law firms and corporations. The people with science or engineering background can become a registered paralegal. All you need to do is, pass the patent Bar Examination. The field of law is very complex and it requires adequate training from patent paralegal schools to become a qualified and professional patent paralegal. The paralegals involved in the job, starts their career with an annual income of $35,000. After gaining work experience they earn about $70,000 per year says A. Harrison Barnes.

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