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Looking for a career that has endless advancement opportunities?  A career that is visible enough so that your contributions don’t get overlooked, yet just enough out of the fast pace that you can actually concentrate on many tasks at once?  Paralegals enjoy these environments every day and the best part is they’re often afforded many career avenues.  City, county and state municipalities, major corporations and other agencies always notice a paralegal’s contributions.  After all, in many ways, a paralegal is the project manager of any case he or she may be working on.  Along with the attorneys, paralegals ensure the proverbial bases are covered, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of  This makes it not only a coveted career choice for many, but also opens up doors for other advancement opportunities outside a traditional legal office.

The very qualities that make a good paralegal, such as interviewing clients, writing legal briefs, correspondence and evidence gathering, are just what’s needed to define an excellent leader.  Because part of the educational process includes effective writing, it’s no surprise some seasoned paralegals decide to become investigative journalists, says the founder.

One example that’s currently making news is the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Lawyers are loading up and heading south.  With them, they’re bringing their best paralegals to keep them organized and ahead of the curve.  Clearly, these personnel are offered a unique stance from witnessing the events as they unfold.  Many are keeping detailed notes, which will help forever memorialize this important moment in time that’s unprecedented.  Of course, they’re maintaining a timeline for the attorneys they’re working for, but their first hand view of the events will lend to opportunities for making significant contributions away from the law firm.

If you’re interested in becoming a paralegal and believe this is the career option you’ve been looking for, check into your state’s programs.  There are educational requirements, of course, and most states require some kind of licensing process before you can work as a paralegal in or out of a law firm.  And rest assured, attorneys are always looking for those bright minds who are good at what they do and who can ease the burdens they face on a daily basis.  If you’re dedicated, you’ll find the perfect position.  If you build your reputation, you’ll always have your choice of perfect positions.

Once you’ve completed your educational requirements, A. Harrison Barnes says your next step is to prepare a flawless resume that will not only get you noticed, but will ensure job offers.  Visit today for more information and background on paralegals, their salaries and other advancement opportunities.

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