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Many lawyers and doctors go into their chosen field for personal reasons. Doctors can sometimes lose a sibling as a child and vow with childlike innocence to “grow up and be a doctor so I can fix sick kids”; lawyers often see an injustice and want to make a difference, which makes them excellent family law specialists, says A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder.

So what’s your motivation for choosing the legal field? Perhaps you want to ensure equal rights for unwed fathers? Or do you believe children are too often the victims who pay the highest price in divorces and want to be an advocate? Whatever your reasons, family law is an excellent place for attorneys to make that difference. Along with children’s rights, family law legal careers can also include:

Divorce Cases Child Support Cases Prenuptial Agreements DNA/Paternity Cases Wills and Estate Planning Probate Cases

So who makes the best family law attorneys? Actually, it’s those who can successfully keep their clients out of a courtroom, says A. Harrison Barnes. It’s all about the least amount of trauma parties experience on their way of finding solutions to any number of familial problems. Attorneys who can keep a degree of common courtesy are the ones who will discover a thriving legal career in this area of law. Those who are genuinely interested in their clients can often keep a degree of civility in any meetings with those they are facing off with in a lawsuit and ideally, be able to find a way for both sides to feel as though the solution is fair – especially in child custody cases.

Any family law attorney knows tempers and emotions are high in some cases, which is part of the reason attorneys in this field often use “stressful” to describe their careers; still, when a case is settled with those who prefer to take a mature high road, it only serves to reiterate the lawyer’s decision to enter into this specialty. has many opening for those looking for careers in family law, along with every other legal specialty. So what’s your license to change? How do you anticipate defining your own legal career? Maybe you’re just ready for a change; a new challenge in an already established legal career? Now’s the time to make your move as there are thousands of jobs added in real time on Many of these positions are not advertised and therefore, won’t be found via traditional means. Our expert team can make your resume and cover letter shine and then ensure it lands in front of those hiring managers that make the decisions for law firms across the country. Tens of thousands of attorneys have incorporated the process and as a result, have built impressive careers in ways they only dreamed.

You can be sure you will receive personalized attention from our experienced staff; each stands ready to play a role in landing the interviews that will lead to job offers. Whatever your specialty, can help.

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