Friday December 14, 2018

The Inclusion of a Tattoo Does Not a Bad Lawyer Make

After a few days of careful thought, you think you have pieced together the lost night when you consumed one cold beer too many, which led to an interesting tattoo that you can’t even understand why you chose, much less why you sat still long enough to have the ink injected.  Now, you’re wondering if […]

What is LPO?

If you haven’t heard of legal outsourcing, you will.  A new trend in delivering legal services has emerged.  Known as LPO, or legal process outsourcing, many legal firms in the U.S. have begun to ask themselves if sending work overseas is a beneficial practice.  Unlike other sectors, this practice requires a bit more due to […]

The Difficult Boss

Hearing those three little words: “the difficult boss” can make most of us cringe; after all, we’ve all been there and we can all relate to answering to someone whose ego is the size of Texas and his knowledge of the job is closer to the smallest Caribbean island known to man.  Each day brings […]

The Best Law Schools for Healthcare Law

With a growing common denominators between the legal and medical fields, many would-be lawyers are choosing healthcare law.  A. Harrison Barnes, founder of, says one reason the two fields tend to merge from time to time is due to the advances in science and medicine.  DNA revolutionized the way lawyers present cases and DNA […]

Why it’s a Great Time to Consider Becoming a Paralegal

Looking for a career that has endless advancement opportunities?  A career that is visible enough so that your contributions don’t get overlooked, yet just enough out of the fast pace that you can actually concentrate on many tasks at once?  Paralegals enjoy these environments every day and the best part is they’re often afforded many […]